Algebra Problems

You may solve a set of 10 questions with their detailed solutions and also a set of 50 questions, with their answers, in the applet to self test you background on how to

  1. Solve linear equations.
  2. Simplify algebraic expressions.
  3. Simplify absolute value expressions.
  4. Find the distance between two points.
  5. Find x intercept(s) of the graph of an equation.
  6. Evaluate functions.
  7. Find the slope of a line passing through two points.
  8. Find slope of a line from its equation.
  9. Find equation of a line.

Algebra problems with detailed solutions

Problem 1: Solve the equation

5(-3x - 2) - (x - 3) = -4(4x + 5) + 13

Detailed Solution.

Problem 2: Simplify the expression

2(a -3) + 4b - 2(a -b -3) + 5

Detailed Solution.

Problem 3: If x <2, simplify

|x - 2| - 4|-6|

Detailed Solution.

Problem 4: Find the distance between the points (-4 , -5) and (-1 , -1).

Detailed Solution.

Problem 5: Find the x intercept of the graph of the equation .

2x - 4y = 9

Detailed Solution.

Problem 6: Evaluate f(2) - f(1)

f(x) = 6x + 1

Detailed Solution.

Problem 7: Find the slope of the line passing through the points (-1, -1) and (2 , 2).

Detailed Solution.

Problem 8: Find the slope of the line

5x - 5y = 7

Detailed Solution.

Problem 9: Find the equation of the line that passes through the points (-1 , -1) and (-1 , 2).

Detailed Solution.

Problem 10: Solve the equation

|-2x + 2| -3 = -3

Detailed Solution.

More Algebra Problems - Applet

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  1. click on the button above "click here to start" to start the applet and MAXIMIZE the window obtained.

  2. click "start" on the main menu.

  3. answer the question by checking a,b,c,d or e in the lower part of the applet panel.

You can review your answers and change them by checking the desired letter. Once you have finished, press "finish" and you get a table with your answers and the right answers to compare with.

To start another set of problems, press "reset".

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