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This calculator finds the distance between two given points A (xA , yA) and B (xB , yB), the slope and the equation of the line trough the two points.

This calculator uses the following formulas for the distance between two points

d(A,B) = sqrt [ (xA - xB) 2 + (yA - yB) 2 ]

The formula for the slope m

m = (yB - yA) / (xB - xA)

and the equation of a line in point slope form

y - yB = m (x - xB)

How to use the calculator 1 - Enter the x and y coordinates of two points A and B and press "enter". The distance between points A and B, the slope and the equation of the line through the two points will be calculated and displayed.

When the two points are on a vertical line (x coordinate of A equals the x coordinate of B), the slope is undefined and the equation of the line is of the form x = constant.

A = ( , )

B = ( , )
Decimal Places =
Slope =

d(A,B) =


x intercept:
y intercept:
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