Pyramid Problems

Pyramid problems related to surface area and volume with detailed solutions.

Volume of a Pyramid

We consider here a pyramid whose base is a rectangle.

Volume = (1 / 3) * L * W * h

where L and W are the length and width of the base and h is the height of the pyramid.


Problem 1: Find a formula for the total area of the surface of the pyramid shown above

Solution to Problem 1:

Problem 2:Below is shown a pyramid with square base, side x, and height h. Find the value of x so that the volume of the pyramid is 1000 cm 3 the surface area is minimum.

pyramid for problem 2

Solution to Problem 2:

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Surface Area and Volume of Pyramid - Geometry Calculator. Online calculator to calculate the surface area, the volume and many other parameters of a pyramid given the dimensions of its rectangular base and its height.

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