Integration Using Partial Fractions

Calculate integrals using partial fractions decomposition: Tutorials with examples and detailed solutions, exercises with answers are also presented at the end of the page.

Example 1: Evaluate the integral

integral for example 1

Solution to Example 1:

We use partial fractions decomposition to decompose the integrand into simpler fractions

decomposition for example 1

We now use table of integrals to integrate

solution for example 1

Example 2: Evaluate the integral

integral for example 2

Solution to Example 2:

A partial fractions decomposition of the integrand gives

decomposition for example 2

We now use a table of integrals to evaluate the integrals

solution for example 2

Exercises: Evaluate the following integrals.


integral for exercise 1

integral for exercise 2

Answers to Above Exercises

answer to exercise 1

answer to exercise 2

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