Reduce Fractions Calculator

An online calculator to reduce fractions of the form m / n to lowest terms is presented. First find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of m and n ,then divide m and n by the GCF.

Reduce the fraction \( \dfrac{9}{12} \) to lowest terms.

We first find the GCF of the numerator \( 9 \) and the denominator \( 12 \) which is 3
Then divide b0th numerator and denominator by the GCF which is 3
\( \dfrac{9}{12} = \dfrac{9 \div 3}{12 \div 3} \)
\( \dfrac{9}{12} = \dfrac{3}{4} \)

Use of Calculator to Reduce Fractions

1 - Enter m and n as integers and press "Reduce fraction".

m / n =

GCF of m and n =
\( \dfrac{m}{n} \) =

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