Points of Intersection of Two Circles - Calculator

An online calculator that calculates the points of intersection of two circles.

The first circle given by the equation $(x-h_1)^2 +(y-k_1)^2 = r_1^2$ and the second circle given by $(x-h_2)^2 +(y-k_2)^2 = r_2^2$.

How to use the calculator?

1 - Enter parameters h1, k1, r1 for the first circle and parameters h2, k2 and r2 for the second circle, change the number of decimal places if necessary and press "enter".

First circle: $(x-h_1)^2 +(y-k_1)^2 = r_1^2$

$(x - $$)^2 + (y - $$)^2 = ($$)^2$

Second circle: $(x-h_2)^2 +(y-k_2)^2 = r_2^2$

$(x - $$)^2 + (y - $$)^2 = ($$)^2$

Decimal Places Desired =

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