Area of Triangle Using Sine Formula

Area of a Triangle Formula

Online calculator to calculate the area of a triangle given its two sides a and b and the included angle.

area using sine formula

The above triangle has angles A, B and C and the respective opposite sides a, b and c.
The area Area of a triangle given two of its sides and the angle they make is given by one of these 3 formulas:
Area = (1 / 2) b c sin(A) = (1 / 2) c a sin(B) = (1 / 2) a b sin(C)

How to use the calculator

Here we assume that we are given sides a and b and the angle between them C. Enter sides a and b and angle C in degrees as positive real numbers and press "enter". The output is the area of the triangle.

side a =
side b =
Angle C = °
Area =

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