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Dr Abdelkader Dendane, PH.D applied Mathematics, B.Sc Electronics


Professional Experience

Over the last 30 years, I have been involved with the subject of mathematics as a modeler, lecturer and facilitator. I have been involved in several projects where mathematics was applied to solve problems in physics and engineering in particular electronics.

Taught: Pre calculus, calculus, applied mathematics, Eletromagnetic wave theory, communication systems.

Research works: Numerical methods/computing applied to problems in Engineering and physics.

I have been developing software that helps students better understand mathematical concepts and objects. The main idea is to make this software easy to use yet powerful enough to help students explore topics in mathematics. Learning mathematical concepts and objects by exploring, leads to a deeper understanding of these objects which in turn leads to better problem solving and applications. Some of my students have used some of the applets in this site and found them very educative.

Positions Held

Lecturer in Mathematics - UAE University - UGRU (UAE) August 1995 to 2018.

Lecturer in Mathematics - Chesterfield College Liverpool - (UK) Sept. 1994 - June 1995.

Lecturer in Mathematics and Electromagnetic theory - Glasgow University ( UK) Sept. 1993 - August 1994.

Research Assistant - Mathematical modeling of antenna systems - Glasgow University ( UK) - Sept. 1990 - August 1993.

Lecturer - Mathematics, Communications Engineering - University of Science (Oran - Algeria) - Sept. 1986 - Sept 1990.

Research Assistant - Mathematical modeling of antenna systems - Glasgow University ( UK) - April 1985 - April 1986.

Research assistant - Mathematical modeling of waveguides - University of Nottingham (UK) - April 1984 - April 1985.


Certified java programmer (java 2) - Sun Microsystems - April 2001.

PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education) - University of Liverpool (UK) - 1995.

Ph.D. in applied mathematics and computing - University of Nottingham (UK) - 1980-1984.
Numerical modeling of wave propagation in the atmosphere.

B.Sc in Electronics and applied mathematics - University of Oran - Algeria - 1974-79.


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