Amortization Schedule Calculator

An amortization schedule calculator is presented. The outputs are: the total principal payment, the total interets payment, the total loan payment and a table showing the repayment of a loan over time.
The table includes a breakdown of each monthly payment; including the payment amount, the interest paid, the principal paid, and the remaining balance for each month. The schedule is set up so that payments are the same each month, but the amounts paid toward interest and principal change as the loan is paid off.
An amortization schedule can be helpful in understanding how much you will be paying for a loan over time and how much of each payment goes toward paying off the loan. It can also help you compare different loan offers and understand the impact of different interest rates or repayment terms on your overall costs.
This calculator may be used to make better plan for a loan.
The formula used to claculate the loan is the same as the one used inthe online loan payment calculator

Monthly Payment
Payment # Payment Amount Principal Interest Balance

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