Basic Functions and Operations for Javascript

List of functions accepted by the javascript calculators in this website.

Trigonometric functions

sin(x) : sine function
cos(x) : cosine function
tan(x) : tangent function
cot(x) : cotangent function
sec(x) : secant function
csc(x) : cosecant function

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

asin(x) : inverse of sine function
acos(x) : inverse of cosine function
atan(x) : inverse of tangent function

Hyperbolic Functions

sinh(x) : hyperbolic sine function
cosh(x) : hyperbolic cosine function
tanh(x) : hyperbolic tangent function
coth(x) : hyperbolic cotangent function
sech(x) : hyperbolic secant function
csch(x) : hyperbolic cosecant function

Logarithmic Functions

log(x,a) , logarithmic function base to the base a
log(x) , logarithmic function to the base e

Exponential Functions

a^x , exponential function to the base a
e^x , exponential function to the base a

Absolute Value and Square Root Functions

abs(x) , absolute value functions
sqrt(x) , square root function

Special Constants e and pi

Special constants e and pi are used as they are, leaving a space any of the constants and another constant or variable.
sin(pi x)


+ : addition
- : subtraction
* : multiplication
^ : exponentiation
/ : division