Row Echelon Form Calculator

A matrix row echelon form calculator is presented. Enter the number of rows \( m \) and the number of columns \( n \) and click on "Generate Matrix" which generates a matrix with random values of the elelments. The values of the matrix elements may be deleted and modified if needed then press "Update" followed by "Pivots" as many times as needed since there may be several pivots.
Values of the elements of the matrix may be entered as integers, decimals such as 3.2 and fractions such as -5/7.

\( \) \( \) \( \) \( \)
Number of Rows: \( m = \)          Number of Columns: \( n = \)

Click here to enter \( m \) and \( n \) and generate a random matrix

Change values of cells above (if needed) and click here

Generate Pivot Per Column (click as many times as needed)

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