Row Reduce Augmented Matrices - Calculator

\( \) \( \) \( \) \( \) An online calculator that row reduces an augmented matrix related to a system of linear equations.
Once you enter the number of equations \( m \) and the number of variables \( n \) below, click on "Generate System" to generate a system of equations with random coefficients that you may change the values by entring new values in the cells of the augmeented matrix and click on "Update Coefficients". You may enter the coefficients as integers, decimal numbers such as 0.2 or fractions such as 2/3.
The steps per column are shown: In blue the row echelon form and in red the row reduced form.
Enter Number of Equations: \( m = \)
         Enter Number of Variables: \( n = \)

Click here to enter \( m \) and \( n \) and generate a
random system of equations

Change values of the elements in above matrix
(if needed) and click

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