Solve an Equation With Two Radicals

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A step by step calculator and solver for equation with two radicals is presented. Unlimited number of examples may be generated along with the solutions and detailed explanations.

Step by step solution

STEP 1 : Square both sides of the equation and simplify the left side using $(\sqrt{x})^2 = x$ and expand the right side using $(A \pm B)^2 = A^2+B^2 \pm 2 \cdot A \cdot B$.

STEP 2 : Rewrite the equation obtained in step (1) so that the term with the radical is in one side and all other terms on the other.

STEP 3 : Square both sides of the equation obtained in step (2), simplify and write in a standard form with the right side equal to zero.

STEP 4 : Solve the quadratic equation obtained in last step.

STEP 5: Since we squared the equation twice and that the radicands in the given equation has to be greater than or equal to zero, we need to check the solutions found by substitution in the given equation.

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