Find the Inverse of a Linear Function

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A step by step interactive worksheet to find the inverse of a linear function is presented. As many questions as needed may be generated along with their detailed solutions. The graph of the given function and its inverse are plotted at the bottom of the page to give a graphical meaning to the inverse function.

Step by step solution

STEP 1: Write the function as an equation replacing $f(x)$ by $y$.

STEP 2: Solve for $x$ the equation obtained in step 1.

STEP 3: Interchange $x$ and $y$ in the above equation.

STEP 4: Write the inverse function.

Graphical Meaning of Solution

Below are shown the graph of $f$ (green) and $f^{-1}$ (blue) are reflection of each other on the line $y=x$ (red). (Change scales if necessary)

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