Solver to Analyze and Graph a Rational Function

\( \) \( \)\( \)
Solve each step below then click on "Show me" to check your answer. There is a graph at the bottom of the page that helps you further understand the solution to the question show below.

Step by step solution

STEP 1: Use the fact that division by zero is not allowed to find the domain of $f$.

STEP 2: Find the vertical asymptote. It is given by the zero of the denominator if it is not equal to the zero of the numerator.

STEP 3: Find the horizontal asymptote.

STEP 4: Find $x$ and $y$ intercepts of the graph of $f$.

STEP 5: Graph and ckeck your answers.

Graphical Meaning of Solution

Below are shown the graph of the given function $f$ (green), the x-intercept (red), the y-intercept (brown) , the horizontal asymptote (dashed blue) and the vertical asymptote (dashed red).
(Change scales if necessary)

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