Find the Slope and the y-intercept of a Line

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A step by step solver to find the slope and y intercept of a line given in standard form. Unlimited number of practice questions may be generated along with their solutions. Solve each step below then click on "Show me" to check your answer. The graph of the line is shown at the bottom of the page.

Step by step solution

STEP 1: Identify the coefficient of $y$.

STEP 2: Divide all terms of the given equation by the coefficient of $y$ found in step (1).

STEP 3: Simplify and write the equation in slope-intercept form: $y = m x + b$.

STEP 4: Identify the slope $m$ and the $y$-intercept of the line.

Graphical Meaning of Solution

Below is shown the graph of the line given above. Use two points (whose x and y coordinatse are easy to read) on the graph of the line to calculate the slope of the line; it must agree with the slope found above. Check also the y-intercept which is the point of intersection of the line with the y-axis. (Change scales if necessary)

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