Rotation, Angular and Linear Speed

Questions related to angular and linear speeds of rotating objects are presented. The solutions and answers are also provided.

Questions with Answers

Question 1

A bicycle traveled a distance of 100 meters. The diameter of the wheel of this bicycle is 40 cm. Find the number of rotations of the wheel.

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Question 2

The wheel of a car made 100 rotations. What distance has the car traveled if the diameter of the wheel is 60 cm?

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Question 3

The wheel of a machine rotates at the rate of 300 rpm (rotation per minute). If the diameter of the wheel is 80 cm, what are the angular (in radian per second) and linear speed (in cm per second) of a point on the wheel?

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Question 4

The Earth rotates about its axis once every 24 hours (approximately). The radius R of the equator is approximately 4000 miles. Find the angular (radians / second) and linear (feet / second) speed of a point on the equator.

Solution to Question 4:

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