Questions on Complementary and Supplementary Angles

Multiple choice questions on supplementary and complementary angles with answers at the bottom of the page.

Questions with Answers

Question 1

Which two angles are supplementary?
a) 30 and 60
b) 41 and 139
c) 45 and 145
d) 23 and 147

Question 2

What is the complementary angle to angle B = π/3?

a) π/2
b) π/3
c) π/4
d) π/6

Question 3

Which two angles are complementary?
a) 30 and 130
b) 20 and 160
c) 45 and 145
d) 1 and 89

Question 4

Which of the following angles is supplementary to angle C = 2π/3?

a) 4π/3
b) 2π/3
c) π/3
d) 3π/4

Question 5

Which pairs of angles are complementary?
a) 3π/4 and π/4
b) 5π/12 and π/12
c) π/4 and π/3
d) π/16 and π/8

Question 6

Which two angles are supplementary?

a) π and π/2
b) π/3 and 3π/2
c) π/7 and 6 π/7
d) π/8 and π/2

Answers to the Above Questions

  1. b)
  2. d)
  3. d)
  4. c)
  5. b)
  6. c)

Questions with Answers

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