Cross Product of Two Vectors - Calculator

This online calculator calculates the cross product of two vectors given by their components.

Let u and v be two vectors given by their 3 components as follows

u = < a , b , c > and v = < d , e , f >

The cross product, noted by
x, of the two vectors u and v given above is another vector w given by

w = u
x v = < a , b , c > x < d , e , f > = < x , y , z >

with the components x, y and z given by:

x = b*f - c*e , y = c*d - a*f and z = a*e - b*d

How to use the calculator

1 - Enter the components of each of the two vectors, as real numbers and press "Enter". The answer is a vector. If by mistake characters other than numbers are entered, no answer is displayed.

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