Convert Polar to Rectangular Coordinates - Calculator

Convert polar to rectangular two dimensional coordinates using a calculator.

The relationships between rectangular coordinates (x,y) and polar coordinates (R,t), using the figure below, are as follows:

y = R sin t and x = R cos t

R2 = x2 + y2 and tan t = y/x

where the quadrant of angle t is determined by the signs of x and y.

polar-rectangular conversion of coordinates.

An html 5 applet is used to calculate x and y knowing R and t. Angle t may be in degrees or radians.

How to use the calculator 1 - Enter angle t then R (positive). Depending on whether t is in degrees or radians, press the button "enter" that is in the same row.

Decimal Places =

Enter t in Degrees

t = , R =

x = , y =

Enter t in Radians

t = π , R =

x = , y =
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