Trapezoid Calculator and Solver

An easy to use online calculator to solve trapezoid problems. The angles, the height h, the area and the diagonals of a trapezoid are calculated given its 4 sides. Formulas of angles, height and area have been found in Solve Trapezoid Given its Bases and Legs.

Figure 1. Trapezoid

height of trapezoid
Figure 2. Height of Trapezoid

diagonals of trapezoid
Figure 3. Diagonals of Trapezoid

How to use the trapezoid calculator

Enter the 4 sides a, b, c and d of the trapezoid in the order as positive real numbers and press "calculate" with b being the short base and d being the long base (d > b). When the problem has a solution, the outputs are: the angles A, B, C and D, the height h, the area and the lengths of the diagonals AC and BD of the trapezoid.

NOTE: b must be smaller than d.

a =
b (short base) =
c =
d (long base) =

A = °
B = °
C = °
D = °
h =
area =
diagonal AC =
diagonal BD =

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