Free tutorials on antennas to better understand the properties such as radiation patterns, propagation and polarization of these systems. The radiation pattern of dipole antennas is analyzed. Wave propagation is analyzed using applets. The principles of antenna arrays are explored interactively using also an applet. Parabolic reflectors are explored analytically and interactively.

  • Introduction to Antennas. An introduction to some of the most important properties of antennas and the different types of antennas is presented.
  • Dipole Antennas A tutorial that uses an interactive java applet to examine the radiation properties of these types of antennas.
  • Antenna Polarization. The polarization of an antenna is the polarization of the wave radiated by the antenna. At a given position, the polarization describes the orientation of the electric field. An applet to explore polarization.
  • Antenna Arrays. Antenna arrays principles and properties are discussed using an interactive applet.
  • Aperture Antennas. Aperture antenna properties are explored using 2 interactive applets.
  • How Parabolic Antennas work?. It is shown, mathematically, how parabolic dish antennas work.
  • Parabolic Reflectors and Antennas. This applet helps you understand, interactively, why the parabolic shape is important and its use as a reflector.
  • Find The Focus of Parabolic Dish Antennas. The position of the focus of a parabolic dish antenna or parabolic reflector) is found in term of the diameter of the dish and its depth.
  • Wave Propagation. This tutorial explores wave propagation.

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